Working With The Auto Insurance Company

If you have been involved in a car accident, you likely have many concerns and questions. Dealing with the aftermath, including physical and emotional distress, is draining enough without worrying about negotiations with insurance companies. Ideally, insurance is designed to help you. However, regardless of the injuries, you may have sustained, an opposing driver’s insurance company has an economic incentive to pay out as little money as possible in fulfilling their obligation to you. More on this website

Having a car accident lawyer on your side can balance the equation as he or she works to get you a fair settlement.

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Do You Know How To Negotiate With Car Insurance Companies?

Here are a few good steps to take after an accident about insurance companies:

Document everything and keep a clear record of events.
Take photos of the accident scene, if possible.
Get as much information from the at-fault driver as possible, especially insurance information, policy numbers, and name and address.
Get information from potential witnesses.
File a claim with your insurance company and schedule an estimate with an adjuster.
Report the accident to the other driver’s insurance provider as soon as possible.
Do not minimize your potential injuries. Insurance companies might disregard your suffering if your medical records do not show that you immediately sought care.
Keep records of medical expenses.

Contact our attorney for a legal consultation. Speak to insurance companies through your lawyer to avoid legal missteps.
Securing a fair settlement improves when you keep clear and concise records. Remember, you do not have to accept an insurer’s first offer. Insurance companies have an incentive to make low initial offers. You may qualify for a better settlement. Hire a skilled attorney to work with the insurance company for you. Call our law office immediately after a car accident.

The Insurance Bad Faith Law

An insurance company is supposed to be a protective safety net for injured parties. Indeed, our security and our futures are entrusted to insurance companies. Sometimes, however, disputes occur, and that perceived good faith may be called into question. Texas law requires insurance companies to treat consumers fairly and pay qualifying claims made in good faith. Bad faith insurance law came into being because insurance companies frequently deny legitimate claims.

Insurance companies may take their policyholder’s side, even if that person is at fault. Hiring an accident lawyer is imperative to protect your rights if you have unjustly lost an insurance dispute. Remember, not every insurance dispute is a basis for a bad faith claim. A bad faith claim against an insurance company must show that they purposely refused to process an insurance claim you made in good faith.

Let An Attorney Help

If you are concerned about insurance company negotiations, contact an attorney skilled in the area of negotiation. Hire a qualified car accident attorney to handle the insurance negotiations for you. Your attorney’s skill may differ between being awarded less than what you are due under the law and getting your full award.

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