Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Texas

Every day, a motorcycle accident occurs in the state of Texas. This is according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Because of this statistic, it is said that this sobering fact means that everyday one family in Texas can lose a loved one due to a motorcycle crash. If you or a loved one lost a family member due to a Texas motorcycle crash accident, then our wrongful death attorneys can investigate the case and the accident scene to identify all the liable parties involved in your loved one’s loss. When an accidental death happens because of the gross negligence of another party, then the bereaved family member of the victim has the right to pursue a wrongful death civil lawsuit against all negligent parties in order to seek compensation for all types of damages which include wrongful death damages and survival damages.personal injury lawyers

In survival damages, only one family member can seek compensation for their losses. This family member is the closest living family member to the victim. However, in a wrongful death damages case, more than one family member can seek damages on behalf of the victim. In survival damages and wrongful death damages case, the bereaved family members can seek financial compensation for their financial losses associated with their loved one’s loss. However, even though family members may seek these types of damages, often times their ultimate goal is not so much to seek compensation but to hold the negligent parties involved in your loved one’s loss accountable for their negligent behavior which led to the motorcycle accident injury or death. The bereaved family member’s goal is to bring all negligent parties to justice. Before filing a lawsuit, a bereaved family will contact a fatal motorcycle accident attorney in Texas so that the attorneys can conduct an independent investigation into the motorcycle accident. This way, the attorneys can identify what caused the accident and find all the negligent parties involved with your loved one’s loss. Afterward, each individual party can be sued for their particular role and actions in causing or contributing to the motorcycle accident. The Texas fatal motorcycle accident lawyers of our Law Offices have 20 years of experience litigating and investigating motorcycle accident scenes and cases. Due to our experience in conducting thorough investigations, our attorneys are able to identify the causes of motorcycle accidents, understand complex vehicle accident scenes, and are also able to dig very deep to find all the liable parties involved in such types of accidents. Through our collaborative efforts, we are able to identify who all the liable parties are and bring them to justice for causing your family so much pain and suffering.

Drunk Driving Motorcycle Accidents in Texas

Drunk driving cases involving regular passenger vehicles are the same as drunk driving involving motorcycle type vehicles. Both allow lawsuits to be brought against bars or restaurants that over-served their patrons who ended up causing the motorcycle fatal accident or passenger vehicle accident. In Texas, the dram shop law makes it to where a bar or restaurant can be found liable if their servers over-served alcohol to their patrons where their patrons’ blood alcohol level exceeded the legal amount of less than .08%. If the patrons’ blood alcohol level exceeded .08%, and the patron ended up being drunk and caused harm to themselves and others, then the bar or restaurant can be held partially liable for such a drunk driving wreck. In this instance, an injured victim of the drunk driver motorcycle accident case can seek legal action and compensation in the form of a third-party dram shop cause of action, against the drunk driver and the negligent bar or restaurant. This same form of liability can be established in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit. However, the tricky part is being able to establish how the patron was over-served alcohol at the bar or restaurant prior to causing the accident. This can be hard and difficult for attorneys or individuals who have no prior experience proving these types of cases. Our Texas drunk driver motorcycle accident lawyers have 20 years of experience in handling drunk driving accident cases in Texas. Our attorneys also have 20 years of experience in Texas dram shop law and know how to identify all the negligent parties involved in your loved one’s loss and know how to bring them to justice.

Adjuster and Jury Bias in Texas Motorcycle Accident Cases

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are not viewed favorably by the public and may face a lot of bias. The general public often views motorcycle riders and passengers as a wild bunch that is reckless in their ways and behaviors. Due to this negative image by the public, insurance adjusters and defense attorneys will use this imagery and strategy to sway the jury on their side, putting blame on the motorcyclist 100 percent. If the insurance company and defense attorney are able to have success with this strategy, then they can save their company tons of money as well. If the insurance adjuster can prove to the jury that the motorcycle driver is mostly responsible for his or her own wreck, then the insurance company stands a chance of saving their company a substantial amount of money. The sad fact is that even if a motorcycle driver sustains a severe injury as a result of the motorcycle accident, their claim can still be denied for seeking fair compensation. An insurance adjuster will often work hard to make sure their claim is denied in order to save money. This is another critical reason why a motorcycle rider needs to contact an experienced attorney who has handled motorcycle accident cases in Texas. It is better than the motorcycle rider to contact an attorney before handling the case on their own. If they try to handle the case on their own, they might end up hurting themselves more in the end. There is so much money at stake that if they handle the case by themselves, then they might not receive all the compensation they need for things like medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Our legal team will work against any biases or tricks that the insurance adjusters or defense attorneys will try to use against you or your loved ones.

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